Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lucid Dream Mirror Me


I don’t anticipate this will be a typical feature, but after giving it some thought, the lucid dream I had last night seemed relevant, so here it is.

The dream: I’m with a group of old friends at a restaurant/bar type of establishment. I go to use the restroom (it’s a one seater). I’m standing in front of the sink staring at myself in the mirror, but I can see that my reflection’s eyes are closed. I’m fully aware I’m dreaming; however, despite knowing that I’m dreaming, it’s totally freaking me out that my eyes are closed, yet I can still see myself! How can I possibly be seeing myself if my eyes are closed!?!

The relevance?

Initially I was somewhat perplexed by this one. I’ve been interested in dream interpretation and lucid dreaming for a really long time, but beyond the explicit meaning of the dream symbolism, it was not implicitly clear what message my subconscious was trying to get across to me.

Breaking it down into the primary metaphorical elements:

  • My reflection in the mirror -- Self-perception. A metaphysical representation of me.
  • Closed eyes -- Being blinded to something. Not seeing myself clearly. 

Looking into a mirror in a dream is a relatively meaningful act. I personally put it in the same category as water related symbols. Therefore, I knew that my inner Self was trying to convey something of significance along the lines of self-perception.

But what? In what way was I not seeing myself clearly? What tangible bit of enlightenment was I missing? To answer this mystery, I imagined myself in the mirror, with my eyes closed, unable to see my “real” dream Self looking into the mirror at my own reflection. Notably, this was a lucid dream moment, so I figured that into the equation as well. The fact that the setting of the dream was in a public venue that thrives on socialization further clarified it.

I’ve recently been delving into my long neglected social media profiles. A couple of years ago I ditched my web hosting service. I intended to re-establish them on Google Sites, but never got around to it. Likewise, I had initially delved into Twitter as a self-publishing marketing platform. I built up a following of 900+ users, but then it fell by the wayside. I posted a few blog entries here on Blogger (now deleted), but that was the end of my efforts. However, despite my lack of motivation in regard to online social media outlets, I was nonetheless writing extensively.

After contemplating all this, the meaning of the dream seemed incredibly obvious--which almost always is the case once you get to the core of the message from the subconscious.

Apparently my inner Self thinks it’s relevant to remind me of the real point with this renewed effort to establish an online presence. Admittedly, I tend to find my objectivism drawn to the social media hype machine, such as funny cat videos and buzzfeed entertainment news.

The fact is, I’m not doing this for anyone other than myself. Creative writing is a hobby. I’ll put it online, and if anyone else is interested in what i publish, great! If not, well--it doesn’t matter. I have a day job as a IT/IS Manager, so it is what it is. Sorry, but I’m not going to be posting funny cat videos--or anything else that isn’t directly related to my core interests.

Thanks, Inner Self, for reminding me of the real reason I’m doing this. It’s about synchronicity--not the social media hype machine.

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