Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cross-posting Blogger to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles

Maybe setting a goal of blogging every day is overly ambitious?

Yesterday I was looking into methods for cross posting from Blogger to Facebook/Twitter/Etc. I'm so not into the whole social media thing that I rarely login to my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. I'm employed as an IT/IS Manager, so I do have an interest in LinkedIn from a professional career perspective, but ironically that's not my primary reason for delving into Blogger.

For obvious reasons I signed up on Facebook with the idea of keeping in touch with friends and family--but I rarely login, so that objective hasn't really panned out. My primary interest in Twitter stemmed from a perception that it's a good self-publishing marketing tool. I think it does work well for that--if you already have a market and a large audience of followers. Regardless, initially I kind of enjoyed the follow you/follow me phenomena, and as a result I currently have 925 severely neglected followers. Focusing on other Twitter users with core similar interests (to mine)--such as science, computers, creative writing--is a great approach, but you have to be dedicated to keeping up with it on an ongoing basis, and I tend to lack motivation. And there's a ton of Twitter bots to wade through...

So anyway, from a technical perspective, there is probably at least 100 ways to achieve cross-posting. Among the many methods are third party social media aggregating, setting up RSS feeds, emailing to point A that forwards to points B, C & D. If you have a Blogger account, which is part of Google Apps, then it seems like it would make sense to use Google+ to cross-post to FB/Twitter/etc; however, apparently Google doesn't see it that way. So even if you associate your Blogger account with Google+, it doesn't help accomplish this. And apparently I don't want to do this anyway because then I would have to use my Google+ profile with Blogger, which the whole point of this blog is that it's my "creative writing me" online profile--not my personal e-mail account me. That may seem trivial, but it's kind of relevant to my online presence because I have multiple personalities in that regard.

Ultimately, I concluded that the most straightforward solution is to post something on Blogger, and then use the social media buttons that are appended to the post to forward to FB/Twitter/etc. Obviously this requires posting here first, and then manually clicking the "share" buttons individually. On the plus side, it makes it easy to pick and choose which social media networks I want to share with. As I see it, the only major drawback (aside from the time spent) with this approach is that for some reason Google has omitted LinkedIn from this convenience factor. No idea why. At any rate, my LinkedIn online personality (i.e., "IT/IS Manger" me) is kind of far removed from this one, so maybe that is an irrelevant issue.

Beyond that, I guess if at some point in the future I get really actively serious about this sort of thing, it appears that a social media aggregation tool is probably the most efficient and effective means by which to accomplish cross-posting.

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