Saturday, July 15, 2017 -- More Logo Experimentation...

Further refinement of my logo. I've pretty much decided to stick with the orange color for the text. Before going into this, I definitely wouldn't have anticipated orange being my final choice. Incidentally, uses an orange text with a brownish/charcoal/gray background for their website, and that was the default color scheme for the Blogger template I originally selected for this blog. So on the one hand, I guess the orange & charcoal theme has grown on me; and on the other hand, it provides a favorably neutral contrast in general for a website. My logo color scheme looks good on both a white or black background. I also integrated the "Fedora Man" icon that I've been using for quite a while as my primary social networking avatar. Ultimately, I think this theme works well. I've saved final PNG exports of the following logos in varying sizes from large (middle) to small (bottom), in order to have a variety of logos for various publication usages. The large "header" logo in the middle has already been uploaded to

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