Wednesday, October 19, 2022

My Favorite YouTube Tarot Readers

"See how easy it is to hook them? Stock reading. Fits anybody. Never misses. 
What's youth? Happy one minute, hungry and heart broken the next. Every boy has a dog.
Every boy has a beautiful old gray haired mother. Everybody, except maybe me."

–Stanton Carlisle (from the 1947 film)

I Want To Believe
I Want To Believe

A few days ago I started reading William Lindsay Gresham’s Nightmare Alley (full disclosure, I’m actually listening to the audiobook version). I read a lot, and my literary interests are very broad, but this isn’t the type of book I would typically pick up. However, I was motivated to give it a read (i.e., listen) because I just happened to come across the 1947 film-noir movie version a few days earlier while channel surfing. I like to watch vintage movies, and it turned out to be surprisingly good. Now, I have to qualify this by stating for the record that Nightmare Alley would probably not be on my radar at all if it wasn’t for two things: (1) my down the rabbit hole journey into the tarot/oracle that has unfolded over the past two and a half years; and (2), the Bradly Cooper and Cate Blanchett remake that was released at the very end of 2021. The previews for the 2021 version caught my attention at the time due to some of the plot elements. I was intrigued, but didn’t make it to the theater and kind of forgot about it–until I came across the 1947 movie version (as I mentioned above).

I’m emphasizing this because obviously a significant portion of the world’s population is highly skeptical of anything that can be considered to fall within the extremely broad spectrum of what I’ll very generally refer to as things out of the ordinary. And being skeptical is absolutely warranted given there are plenty of charlatans out there trying to scam people. Stanton Carlisle, the main protagonist of Nightmare Alley, makes it abundantly clear how easy it is to deceive gullible people who “want to believe.” My profession is in the field of IT and computers, and I’m a very logical and scientific individual. However, I’m also open minded and willing to think outside the box when it comes to reality, the Universe, and the world we live in. The existence of scammers, con artists, and fakers doesn’t preclude the existence of extraordinary phenomena. It just means that the observer needs to view things very carefully and logically, without jumping to conclusions, while also being intuitively perceptive and openly observant.

Which is how I approached YouTube “pick a card” tarot readings. There appear to be literally thousands of users on YouTube doing readings. I came across this when I started searching for “walk through” videos of tarot and oracle decks that I was considering acquiring. This is a great way to see all the cards prior to making a purchase. Subsequently, it didn’t take long for the YouTube algorithm to start placing pick-a-card videos on my home page. Intrigued (again), I started watching some of the videos that caught my eye–with a healthy dose of skepticism. One of the readers I initially gravitated to had over 20,000 subscribers, and her videos were watched thousands of times. It didn’t seem very plausible that the same set of readings could be applicable to so many different people. However, I very much enjoyed watching these YouTube tarot readers pulling cards and interpreting them in the context of the spreads they were creating for the video. It was (and still is) educational.

Consequently, it didn’t take long (actually, it was kind of immediately) for cards that I was encountering in my own personal readings to start showing up in the pick-a-card videos. And it wasn’t just recurring cards, but also recurring symbols, signs, etc. (Yes–synchronicity.) So I started specifically picking videos that pertained to queries I was actively working on, and I soon realized that, contrary to my original perspective, there seemed to be a considerable amount of validity to pick-a-card readings. I’m not going to go into all the things that validated pick-a-card readings for me personally. I think this is something that anyone who is interested has to investigate on their own. Have your question in mind, find a reader (or readers) you like, and use your intuition to guide you to the most appropriate "piles." And then remember that energy is an ever evolving and fluid thing, so don’t be inclined to hang your hat on just one reading. Feel free to get a second opinion, third opinion, fourth opinion… Ahem… Well, actually it can be kind of addictive, so maybe be aware of the amount of time you’re spending watching pick-a-card videos.

And after that very lengthy introduction, the following is a list of my favorite YouTube tarot/oracle card readers…

(Links updated 1/13/24)

Moon Moth Goddess

Neptune's Child Tarot

The Nordic Light

White Feather Tarot

Venus Return

White Rose Guidance

Kino Tarot


The Gem Goddess

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