Monday, August 8, 2022

Minimal Progress... But at Least a Forward Step

PROGRESS UPDATE -- Not much. This is basically the first opportunity I've had to return here since 7/30/22. It has been a busy month so far, and I don't see that changing anytime soon considering all the filled-in spots on my work and personal calendars. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what needs to be done, but actually doing it is another matter. Admittedly, it's a bit overwhelming if I think in terms of everything that needs to be addressed--starting with creating a new template for my Google Sites home page (in the meantime, I did implement an update to a temporary banner that is a slight improvement). Then there are the external media sites, such as Twitter. I actually kind of like Twitter (everybody else seems to hate it), but I'm terrible at staying tuned in (to any social media, not just Twitter), so my account is sadly out of date and basically useless for promotional efforts at this time. I created a Wattpad account (apparently way back in 2015), and subsequently did absolutely nothing with it. The worst part is I have literally thousands of pages of fiction and poetry that I could be self-publishing, but realistically, "self-publishing" takes a considerable amount of time (I think a lot of people don't realize just how time consuming it actually is). This is also particularly true if you like to endlessly scrutinize the editorial side of things, and are perpetually dissatisfied with how "finished" a literary work actually is. My writing portfolio is in a perpetual state of "near final draft". Besides, I have a real job during the day, so it's not like I can spend all my time occupying myself with hobbies. But, I guess this is just excuses. Maybe I should be doing a better job of time management in the evenings and on the weekends? That seems straightforward, but the grass isn't getting any shorter, and the dog is shedding all over the house (domestic chores don't just do themselves). Anyway, the main this is now I have this desire to start creating tarot/oracle content, and this is something I'm currently actively engaged in--but again, creating pick-a-pile videos and informational blog entries is time consuming. This represents something I really want to do, but when do I have time? It's a vicious cycle. Regardless of my difficulty with moving forward, the bottom line is I need to get some relevant content added to my media channels. And in this regard, I felt compelled to follow through with my promise to myself to at least post a blog entry every week. I don't think this is asking too much of myself. If nothing else, it serves as a good reminder of the things that need to be addressed. And, I can count this as an effort. ;-) I guess the main thing is just taking a step forward--even if it is a very feeble, short one that only gets me a tiny bit further down the road after an entire week (a week-plus--if I'm being completely honest). If I keep chipping away at it with a little effort here and there, I'm certain that at some point in the distant future I'll be able to look back in satisfaction on all that I've completed.

~ Jay

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